Foods That Pair Perfectly

With Our Wines, Craft Beer and Ciders.

Tasting Boards

Build your own board. Choose from our local Cheddars, Brie, Goat Cheese, Asiago. Salamies, Pepperoni, and other charcuterie. Gluten Free and Vegan Options:

Hummus, kalmata olives, Sundried Tomato Spreads and Dips. Veggies for dipping or instead of crackers. 

Meat & Cheese Board

Two local Cheddars, Pepperoni, Italian Salami, Flatbread Crackers and Savory Jam Spread.


Fresh Baked Soft Pretzel

Served with Spicy Mustard


Warmed Garlic Flatbread 

Served with dipping oil and Balsamic Vinagar


Hummus & Veggies 


Chips & Salsa 


Bowl of Bar Mix


Southern Fried Peanuts  $5

Eat the Shell n all!- assorted flavors:

BBQ, Garlic, Dill Pickle, Cajun, Salted, Ranch.